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Ready, set, fly!

You’re invited to help us test Bermuda’s new state-of-the-art airport terminal.

Are you excited about Bermuda’s new airport terminal?

Want to be among the first to experience it in person
– even before the official opening?

Join us for our ORAT (Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer) trials because we need your help to get the new terminal ready.

About trials

During trials, we execute and examine the planned operations of the new airport terminal in a simulated environment.

Why should you sign up for trials?

We invite you to contribute towards an incredible moment in Bermuda’s aviation history; the opening of our new airport terminal.

You can help us by acting as a real passenger with a booking on a staged flight; starting at check-in leading to boarding, then simulating the arrivals process. Not only would you get a sneak peek of the new terminal to have an early grasp of its layout and function, but you will also be treated for your participation too!

Trial Sessions
Staff Participants
Public Participants
Pieces of Luggage per Trial
Simulated Flights

Your Day At The New

Trial Timeline






Car – The short term car park in front of the new terminal building will be available for use, free of charge.

Bike – The short term bike park in front of the new terminal building will be available for use, free of charge.

Bus – We are advising participants to get off the bus at the nearest bus stop to the new terminal building.

What to bring: Your passport and confirmation page; proof of registration and identification will be requested.

Note – Please arrive on time, otherwise your participation cannot be guaranteed.





Registration & Preparation

Upon arrival at the new terminal, you will be registered and assigned your trial role by our support staff. At that time, you will also receive all the necessary materials required to fulfill your role. Afterward, you will be briefed on the trial operation, then escorted to your starting point.





Trial Operations

Trial operations will consist of a passenger departure and arrival flow.

Based on the preparation, some passengers will be asked to play certain roles.

Some examples may include:

  • requesting your baggage back after check-in to retrieve medicine;
  • simulating a heart attack; or
  • requesting for specific information at the information desk.





Lunch/Dinner & Gifts

After the trial, a light lunch/dinner and gift bag will be provided for your participation.

Note - The above timeline is valid for majority of the trial days, however due to other ongoing activities short notices regarding changes might be necessary. In such cases we will contact you at our earliest convenience to inform you about the changes made. Furthermore, special trials such as the evacuation exercise or the night trial will follow a different timeline which will be communicated to you post registration.

Online Registration

Signing up to participate is easy! Just pick a date and fill out the registration form below. You must be 18 years+ to participate.

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, registration is now closed.

Date & Time
Trial Type

2. Complete your registration!

  • Basic Details

  • Note - Only adults (18+) are eligible to participate in the ORAT trials.

    Note - Your passport will be used to verify you during trials. The details you provide here must appear exactly as they do on your passport.

  • Passport Details

  • Contact Details

  • Agreements

  • We're committed to respecting your privacy. Please review the Privacy Policy and indicate here that you accept its terms by ticking the checkbox below.
  • Please review the ORAT Trials Terms & Conditions and indicate here that you accept the terms by ticking the checkbox below.
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  • Confirmation

    Upon successful registration, you'll be taken to a confirmation page. This will contain all relevant information for the trial day. A confirmation email, containing a link back to your confirmation page, will also be sent to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are trials?
    ORAT trials are the mechanisms for the airport to test and prepare for the new operations.
  • What do we do for trials?
    During trials, all events that can happen during a normal day of airport operations will be simulated. Your task will be to act as a normal passenger and behave as such.
  • How does Skyport plan to conduct the trials safely in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?
    As news of COVID-19 continues to cause concerns for many, we want you to know that safety is our number one priority. Bermuda Skyport is working closely with our partners to manage and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our environment. To see what we are doing and what you can do, please refer to the link displayed in the COVID-19 banner located at the top of this webpage.
  • When will the new airport open?
    The opening date for the new terminal has not been defined; trials will allow us to verify our planned opening date before publicly announcing it.
  • I have a disability. Can I still participate in trials?
    Yes, you can still participate in trials; however, please do not sign up via this website. Please contact us at 299-4832 or via email to align your participation. This is to ensure that we will have the right support available (if needed) and do not plan any events which you might not be able to execute.
  • Can I sign up multiple times?
    Yes, you can sign up multiple times.
  • How will I know if a trial operation is cancelled or postponed?
    It is possible that scheduling changes may be required. In such cases, we will inform you via the contact information that was provided when you registered. You will have the option to participate on an alternate date.
  • How and where do I get the details of my trial day?
    All details will be provided to you during the registration and preparation process on the day of trials.
  • How do I get to the trial?
    You can come by car, bike or public transport.
  • Are parking spaces available on site?
    Yes, free parking will be available during trials.
  • How should I dress for trials?
    Please dress comfortably. We also suggest you wear closed-in comfortable shoes as you will be walking throughout the new terminal.
  • Are photographs, films and sound recording allowed during trials?
    You will be allowed to take some personal photos during trials; however, you are not permitted to post any of the photos on social media or publicly distribute them in any other way. Skyport reserves the right to revoke the permission of taking photos if participants do not follow the rules.
  • Is smoking permitted during trials?
    Smoking is not permitted in the new terminal building.
  • What is the age range for people to participate?
    You must be 18 years + to participate in trials.
  • Can I leave early?
    We encourage all participants to stay for the full trial. However, if you must leave early, please notify one of our team members.
  • Can I bring someone with me to trials?
    Yes, you are welcomed to bring family members or friends. However, everyone must be registered separately and only persons with a valid confirmation email and passport will be allowed to participate.
  • What happens if someone gets injured or becomes unwell?
    Safety is our number one priority; therefore, we will have medical staff present during trials to allow for immediate support in case of an emergency.
  • Will I get paid for participating in trials?
    Trials are voluntary opportunities for the public. Therefore, the reward in participating is that you will be amongst the first to experience the new airport terminal. In addition, we will provide you with dinner and gifts for your efforts.
  • I have misplaced my confirmation page, what do I do?
    Please contact us at 299-4832 or via email and we will resend your confirmation details. Additionally, you will receive a reminder email closer to your trial date that will provide you with a link to your confirmation page.
  • Unfortunately I can’t make it. How can I cancel my registration?
    In the event you need to cancel please contact us at 299-4832 or via email



To gain a better understanding of ORAT and it’s function, please watch the following video:

Taking Off is a video series about the development of the new L.F. Wade International Airport Terminal and related issues.

You can find all 30+ videos online here, on Skyport’s main website.